Olympic champion blames 'tongue kiss' on girlfriend for being caught in anti-doping, and works

Winner of the gold medal in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics relay in 2016, Gil RobertskGil Roberts gave an unusual excuse to be caught on the anti-doping test: a tongue kiss. According to the 28-year-old American runner, his girlfriend, Alex Salazar, had sinusitis and took medicine shortly before kissing him, which, in his argument, caused him to get caught.

If convicted, Roberts could face a punishment of up to four years for traces of probenicide, an agent banned by sports regulators for masking other drugs. That would make it impossible for him to attend the next Olympics in Tokyo in 2020 or even continue his sponsorship with Nike. It turns out that the excuse, incredible though it may seem, worked well.Check out some of the best soccer bettings on the market.

Three judges ruled that it is more likely than not that "the presence of probenicide in the athlete's system resulted from the kiss on the girlfriend." "I was like, 'How could I be called laxative for kissing my girlfriend?'" Said Roberts, revealing that Salazar hid the illness from him for fear that it would lessen his desire to stay with her in the period.

At a hearing in New York last week, Salazar helped set up the defense resource. She testified about the sinusitis, stating that she would have contracted the disease on a family vacation trip to India. She remained on a 14 day regimen taking antibiotics, out of production today, and she got it in the Asian country. She also commented on her aversion to swallowing pills, which led her to empty the contents of each capsule on her tongue. And testified about the "constant and frequent kisses in love" with Roberts. "We were not ashamed of the court," he said, "and it all seemed quite technical." We had passport stamps, receipts and all the perfect dates.